01. Members are presented with the opportunity to save consistently thus facilitating the discipline of saving regularly and generating a security for future financial needs maybe even retirement.

02. Loans are granted three times the member savings and have flexible repayment periods (12 or 36 months)

03. High savings means a higher value of credit one can acquire and may need fewer or no guarantors to secure loans.

04. Out of a total of 5,000 Saccos, our Sacco is amongst the only 164 saccos licensed to take deposits under our Front Office Service Activity (FOSA)

05. We also acquire land which members can purchase at affordable price or pay in installments.

06. The Sacco also pays out dividends annually to members on the FOSA share, with a guaranteed return.

07. Most importantly, when you do need a credit facility, you will have no interest rates to worry about. We are INTEREST FREE.

Kindly note that:
a) The credit capability of a member is limited to the amount of capital they contributed consistently for 12 months.
b) And all loans are granted subject to the member ability to repay and acquiring of enough eligible guarantors.