How to Deposit cash to your Taqwa FOSA current account
  1. Go to Mpesa Paybill
  2. Enter Paybill number 275233
  3. Enter account 23*
  4. Enter Amount
  5. Send
FOSA Account Opening Form


After a long struggle Taqwa obtained the coveted Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) licence in 2017. This licence enables Taqwa to take deposits and therefore operate like a bank. .  There are only about 164 SACCOs that are licenced to take deposits and offer banking services. It’s a big achievement because we are among the few about 175 out of over 7000 other SACCOs licenced to offer banking services.

For a Taqwa member FOSA opens up a new world of opportunities. This banking service is also open to the public. You do not need to be a Taqwa Sacco member to open an account. The banking hall is open for business to all.

  • First you become the owner of the bank, an opportunity exclusive only to Taqwa members. You have to buy at least one share of the bank which is compulsory for every member at Shs 15,300/= You have the option to buy upto 25 shares and become one of the leading shareholders
  • Second, as a member you have the privilege of applying for a Shariah Compliant loan without the need of guarantors as long as you have security for the loan. You also have the privilege applying for a bigger loan.
  • Third you have the opportunity to open either a FOSA savings or a FOSA current account or both into which you may receive your salary or earnings and withdraw any amount whenever you wish. For members Taqwa FOSA is your bank which you need to support so that in time of need, the bank can support you. You also have the responsibility of promoting the bank to your family and friends. For account holders who are none members, FOSA provides banking services free from riba.
  • Fourth, Taqwa FOSA provides mobile banking which allows you to manage your money anywhere and anytime. It is like having your own bank branch in your pocket. With Taqwa mobile banking you can deposit or withdraw money, you can pay for your purchases using your mobile phone at the palm of your hand. Using the mobile banking application, Taqwa Hela, you can transact upto Shs 1,000,000/=
  • Fifth and most important you will be comfortable that your deposits are not mixed and tainted with riba money. You are also assured that any loan you take is riba free because Taqwa FOSA bank is fully Shariah Compliant.