Taqwa SACCO offers a wide range of Back Office Service Activity (BOSA) and Front Office Service Activity (FOSA) credit products as shown. These products are processed and dispersed through our FOSA. 

Please NOTE that all our products are Shariah Compliant.


  1.  Three (3) times member’s deposit but not exceeding KES. 2M
  2. Repayment period is 36 months (3 Years)
  3. Member must have saved for 12 months consecutively
  4. Member must have at least one (1) share deposit of KES. 15, 000

SCHOOL Fees Loan

  1.  Loan limit is KES. 200, 000
  2. Repayment period is 12 months (1 Year)


  1.  Loan limit is KES. 100, 000
  2. Repayment period is 12 months (1 Year)

ASSET Financing

  1.  Loan limit is KES. 5M
  2. 80% asset financing of the total cost
  3. Repayment period is 60 months (5 Years)
  4. Member must have an active FOSA account (for at least 3 months)

Applicable Shariah Contracts

Murabaha (Cost-Plus Financing)

This is a contract sale between the bank and its client for the sale of goods at a price which includes a profit margin


Joint Venture for the purpose of generating income. Mostly used in Asset Financing, Working Capital Financing or Mortgage


The owner of the asset, gives possession of the assets for the use of, on an agreed rental over a mutually agreed period.