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  • Sacco Membership is open to all Kenyans of diverse backgrounds who find value in Islamic model of Finance
  • A new member must contribute consistently a minimum of Ksh. 2,200/= for 12 months to benefit from our credit facility.

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  • Monthly contributions can be made through check off online, standard orders, cash deposits or Mpesa Paybill.
  • Every member is required to have at least 1 compulsory FOSA share of Ksh. 15,300/=
  • Registration Fee is Ksh. 1000/=
  • A new member is also required to open a FOSA account with a minimum of Ksh.500/=

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Three times of member’s shares repayable within 36 months. For your investment or business opportunities.

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Repayable in 12 months (Calendar-year for school fees and any twelve-months for College fees), Good for you and your children.

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Up-to a maximum of Ksh. 100,000/= repayable in 12 months. For the rainy day.